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Glückauf and welcome to Hurst Mine Tec

Today‘s focus and KPI‘s in any industry is based on:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Time and schedule
  • Cost reduction


The Mining industry is no different. Quicker access to ore bodies and cost reductions will increase the profitability. In the same time safety and quality is the highest goal of the operation. 

In terms of tunneling this results in:

  • Ideal alignment with the desired tunnel line
  • Matching as is shape to theoretical tunnel shape
  • Less overbreak
  • Complete record and logging of all tunneling and bolting data
  • Remote operations remove human from the risk zone
  • Knowledge of operational data to analyze optimization potential

Together with our solid international technology partners paired with own experience and skills we help you to fulfill your focus KPI's with sustainable solutions. 


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Frank Hurst